I’m Tom B. Cooper - musician, producer and songwriter,

I've taken on various guises within the industry and this site is a good opportunity to see what I'm all about and to gain insight into my professional life in the industry.

I've dedicated my life to music and I'm fortunate enough to continue to work with some truly exceptional talents around the world as well as my own projects, including the ongoing A Song A Week project along with the ever growing blog and podcast.

My songs, compositions and productions have seen success on commercial radio (BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Kerrang! etc.) and film and TV (Film 4, Channel 4, BBC, United Artists etc.)

Growing up to a musician father and dancer mother, I was surrounded by the widest variety of music, which I embraced from a very early age.

Quickly picking up the cello, guitar, piano, bass and all manner of other instruments, getting on stage to perform and sing came very naturally to me. Soon enough I was playing to packed crowds all over the country and still do with the likes of Lux LisbonKuqi and as a solo performer and session musician for countless other artists.

Firstly self-taught, then graduating with a first class BA degree in Songwriting, this is where my passion for composition and production really picked up. A curiosity and eagerness to try new techniques has led to establishing myself as a top producer and songwriter amongst my peers.

I’d love it if we connected via social media, which you can get directly to me at the bottom of this page.


Thanks so much for stopping by.

Tom x


If you've got a question, you can probably far quicker and easier find the answer on my MIXING, MASTERING & PRODUCTION PAGE (CLICK HERE) or my SONGWRITING PAGE (CLICK HERE) but if you've been there and you're still unsure, don't hesitate to get in touch either via social media (links at the bottom of this page) or via the contact form below.