ASAW 0013 Podcast – Week 13 – Felicity

Felicity Artwork Tom B. Cooper

Week 13 of the A Song A Week podcast for my song Felicity is a little different this week but not to be missed. In a way I don’t talk about the songwriting, production, mixing and mastering of the song, but in other ways I do.


To read the accompanying blog post and to find out even more about the song and me, Tom B. Cooper head to http://www.tombcooper.com/asaw13felicity


I release all my music through DistroKid. They’re the best! To release your own music and receive 7% off in the process, use this link http://www.distrokid.com/vip/seven/634637


To support the podcast, the blog the songs and me please head to http://www.patreon.com/tombcooper – I’ll love you forever.


100% of everything Felicity ever makes through buying and streaming is going to charity so be sure to…

Buy on iTunes… bit.ly/FelicityEye

Stream on Spotify… bit.ly/FelicitySpot

‘Felicity’ is available on all buying and streaming platforms.


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Twitter – twitter.com/CooperProducer

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Peace and happy music making. Tom x

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