A Song A Week – Week 15 – Everything

Tom B. Cooper Everything Artwork
The quest to write, record, produce and release a song a week. To read why I’m doing such a thing as well as being a full-time producer and musician for others, check out the first ‘A Song A Week’ blog post HERE.
A Song A Week is written by me, a songwriter and musician, but it appeals to people from all walks of life and professions, so no matter how you’ve found yourself here, try to take something from it and implement it in your own life.

Welcome to Week 15 of the A Song A Week blog. I’m going to dive straight in with how ‘Everything’ came to be…

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Fun, fun, fun!

I think I’ve noticed in doing a brand new song every single week that it’s just ever so slightly easier to want to do slower or sadder or more melancholic songs. I of course know that’s nonsense really and none of those words are actually how I want to describe what I mean, but the words are escaping me right now.

I often take the micky out of my girlfriend for being partial to a solo male singer songwriter singing slightly sad soliloquy’s (try saying that when you’re pissed) over a finger-picked acoustic that has a more down-tempo feel to it, but I’ve found myself gravitating towards doing just that when time’s against me and boy is time against me this month.

I’m not saying that it IS easy to write a song like that, I’m just saying for me personally, when I don’t have the luxury of time or the safety net of production for writing then I’ve tended to write the more down-beat songs.

So I was straight up determined to make this weeks song fun. I hope you’ll agree that ‘Everything’ is a barnstormer of a stomp-a-long that’s upbeat in musical and lyrical context.

Now I’m a self confessed rhythm obsessor and fan. I’m a bassist before I’m anything else so I have a strong affinity with rhythm and groove and when I’m watching a band live I’ll probably 80% of the time have my eyes and ears on the drummer.

‘You’ve barely got any drums in Everything though, Cooper!’

I know – I didn’t say I necessarily like uber technical drummers, I just like rhythms.

So in preparation for this month (for those that haven’t read LAST WEEK’S BLOG (WHICH YOU CAN READ HERE) about why I’m making April ‘simple month’ which has turned into ‘folk EP month’) then I’ve been listening to the likes of Keston Cobblers Club, Bellowhead, Angus & Julia Stone (All ace, go check them out!) and what I really noticed is that often the drums are doing something very simple and the percussion and guitar or ukulele will be doing a hell of a lot of work as far as the rhythm is concerned.

So other than a snare drum doing a slinky sort of rolling beat throughout, I have no drums. It’s all stomps and claps and I’ve recorded me playing the mouse mat with a bunch of plectrums on it…


Tom B. Cooper Mouse Mat Drumming
To see such hugely exciting gems as this, head to

The best thing about all this? It was so much fun.

The whole song was just great to do.

I said to myself ‘this is going to be fun for me to write and record and for you guys to listen to’ and I really think it is.

That’s all I’m going to say on the matter! 🙂



This is going to be a very short little section, as time is against me (curse you, April!)

I made absolutely sure that the lyrics to Everything were really easy to grasp.

Everyday language. No complex words or over the top metaphors.

Just a really simple love song that you and I and anyone with a grasp of the English language can understand.

Everything lyrics

Simple as that really!

Although in reality, it’s not as simple as that and the blog and the podcast can never get across how much goes into making these songs.

I’m not even talking man hours really, either.

Developing a song can take a long time, can take a short time, can take somewhere in between.

So can recording and editing.

So can production, lyrics writing, designing the artwork, writing these blogs and all manor of other tiny things.


But all these things certainly come easier if you’ve got the right mix of passion, commitment, skill, experience and very importantly a constructive take on what you’re doing.

AKA a non-self indulgence.

I haven’t done a folk pun this week and I promised I would so if you’re going to take one thing from this weeks blog, let it be this…

I set out for this song to be fun and in doing that I had to make sure I didn’t take it or myself too seriously and in the case of Everything, I didn’t take it seriously at all (which actually meant that I seriously didn’t take it seriously at all… Uh?!) So, next time you do something creative, don’t take yourself too folking seriously (same pun as last week, but I never promised to write a pun a week too!)

Ta! x


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Peace and happy music making.

Tom x

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