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A Song A Week – Week 16 – No Man’s An Island

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The quest to write, record, produce and release a song a week. To read why I’m doing such a thing as well as being a full-time producer and musician for others, check out the first ‘A Song A Week’ blog post HERE.
A Song A Week is written by me, a songwriter and musician, but it appeals to people from all walks of life and professions, so no matter how you’ve found yourself here, try to take something from it and implement it in your own life.

Welcome to Week 16 of the A Song A Week blog. I’m going to dive straight in with how ‘No Man’s An Island’ came to be…


If you don’t have Spotify to stream whilst you’re reading, then you can listen to the song on iTunes/Apple Music HERE or better even still, to support the blog, podcast, the song itself and ME you can get the song directly at the amazing PATREON.

It’s also available on all major streaming and music stores across the internet, just search for ‘Tom B. Cooper No Man’s An Island’ on your preferred service and it’ll show up!


Hey! I’m writing this from our rehearsal space up in Durham for the April 2017 tour. I’ve not got long before we’re back to making some noise again, so this will be a short entry.

A couple of weeks back I had an email from a Lux Lisbon fan and subsequent A Song A Week reader/listener. I get emails from you lovely lot every week, so please keep them coming!

The exchange went like this (Catherine’s emails are in italic, my emails are bold…)


Hi Tom,

since you’re on week 14 already I thought it was about time to hit reply and let you know how much I’m enjoying the podcasts! I’ve been blown away by your commitment to the song a week project, and hope you’re seeing some tangible returns on all the hard work and time you’re putting into it.  There was something you said about your written voice on a week when you were reading from your blog and it made me realise, actually that’s sort of why I’m keeping a blog. It’s only really a bunch of beer reviews and cycling tales but it is making me find my written voice, which has to be a good thing, so thanks for motivating me to keep at it!
Disclaimer* this is where it get’s weird….
So you know that thing where a line pops into your head and you think ‘there’s a song in there’? Well, I’m not a songwriter, so that’s as far as that line of thinking ever goes, except I had one of those thoughts this morning, followed up closely by ‘I’m not a songwriter but I ‘know’ someone who is’.  So I’ve decided to throw it your way, and if it connects, great, and if not, well it wasn’t going anywhere anyway so nothing lost. You’ll be familiar with the quote ‘No man is an Island’. I was thinking about actual islands this morning (as you do…) and thought about Lindisfarne, or Holy Island – connected to the mainland by a causeway, but cut off at high tide, and how we can all feel a bit like that sometimes.  Now I’m a fan of a bit of solitude so I kind of like the idea of being temporarily cut off by the tide, but actually I suppose it works as a message of hope if you’re feeling lonely, that the tide will go out again. So anyway, no man is an Island but we can all be cut off by the tide sometimes. If you like it, it’s yours, if not, it can float back into the ether!

Anyway, keep up the good work, and all the best with the Lux Lisbon tour!



Hi Catherine,
Apologies it’s taken a couple of days to get back to you. Been a bit manic here at TBC-HQ!
Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me you’re enjoying the podcasts. It really means a lot and makes the harder songs, blogs and podcasts just that little bit easier knowing that people are enjoying them… just listening to them at all is pretty great!!!
That’s amazing that you’re writing at all. I truly believe everyone has something to say and no matter if it’s about songs, beer, cycling (all things I love, by the way!) or anything at all, someone somewhere in the world will find it and it’ll resonate with them. Maybe not every week, but if even a sentence out of 1,000 inspires or motivates someone, that’s a good job done well.
Anyway, I don’t need to tell you that! You surely know 🙂
Where can I read your blog, by the way?
Also, thanks so so much for all your sharing and liking on Twitter – it doesn’t go unnoticed my end and it’s HUGELY appreciated.
Love the lyric idea. Thanks so much for that – I’ll tell you what, if I write a song based around that, will you write something too? A poem, a short story, a page of stream of consciousness, a haiku?! Anything at all.
I think you’ll be surprised at yourself, even though you’re not a songwriter there’ll be something in there, promise.
If you do it and you feel like sharing it, all good. If it’s just an exercise for your eyes and mind only, still great 🙂
Hope it’s as sunny where you are as it is here.


Hi Tom,

thanks for getting back to me when you’ve surely not got enough hours in your days at the moment anyway!  I’ve just spent the weekend in Aberdeen for the Brewdog AGM, so this week’s blog post may not be the best place to start – I drank a lot of beers on Saturday! Anyway, it’s at  (have a read, it’s ace!!!)- go gentle, it’s not used to having readers…..

I don’t think I’ve written anything creative since I was a Wuthering Heights obsessed teenager, and the biggest selling record of the year was ‘Stay’ by Shakespears Sister, but I’ll give it a go. I’m having a week off work pottering about on my bike so it’s as good a time as any 🙂
I can’t promise it’ll be shareable but I’ll definitely try some kind of wordscape thing. Probably not a haiku, but I did come across this in a park yesterday, so should maybe take the hint!

Oh, on an unrelated note, has Stu taken you to Bealim House in Newcastle yet? I’d imagine a bar with it’s own on site gin still might be up your street!

All the best


Hey Catherine,
Really enjoyed reading your blog! Was a great 5 minute read in such a hectic month!
Well, I went all out and wrote a song called ‘No Man’s an Island!’ Thanks so much for taking the time to suggest it – really appreciate it and I’m really rather pleased with how the song has turned out 🙂
I’ve attached it for you to have a listen (you’re the first to hear it other than myself!) and it’ll be released properly on Sunday.
Stu hasn’t taken me there… I’ll ask him why the hell not immediately! Haha.
Would love to know what you think of the song – taken a slightly different perspective on it by using ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ – I guess I’m talking about people in general, but it just felt right. I wrote, produced, mixed and mastered it all in a day, so particularly pleased with it!
Thanks again, Catherine. Hugely appreciate your support and enthusiasm.
Hi Tom,
Thanks for sharing this – I love where you’ve taken it! Great timing too, as we’ve driven down from Dundee to Newcastle today and passed Lindisfarne on the way – spooky or what? 😂
I feel really privileged to get to hear it first, and once you’ve released it on Sunday I will of course be telling everyone who cares to listen that it’s ‘my’ song! Good luck with all your travels over the next couple of weeks, and I’ll see you at Think Tank next FridayAll the best

So there we go, 5 emails exchanged and a song at the end of it. As I write this it’s Tuesday and I released it on Sunday, I’ve already had people asking me if it’s about Brexit, about a relationship, the human mind, I’ve even had a Twitter message asking if it’s about space travel!

My answer has always been the same ‘not to me, but I like the analogy.’

Catherine had an idea and I morphed it into something and others have morphed it once more into something it means to them.

I love that.


Thank you so much for reading. I hugely appreciate it. The absolute best way you can support me and this blog is by listening to and sharing ‘No Man’s An Island’. So you can…

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Peace and happy music making.

Tom x

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