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A Song A Week – Week 17 – Mirror Ball

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The quest to write, record, produce and release a song a week. To read why I’m doing such a thing as well as being a full-time producer and musician for others, check out the first ‘A Song A Week’ blog post HERE.
A Song A Week is written by me, a songwriter and musician, but it appeals to people from all walks of life and professions, so no matter how you’ve found yourself here, try to take something from it and implement it in your own life.

Welcome to Week 16 of the A Song A Week blog. I’m going to dive straight in with how ‘Mirror Ball’ came to be…

I massively recommend listening to the song whilst you’re reading, so if you don’t have Spotify, then you can listen to the song on iTunes/Apple Music HERE or even better still, to support the blog, podcast, the song itself and ME you can get the song directly at the amazing PATREON.

It’s also available on all major streaming and music stores across the internet, just search for ‘Tom B. Cooper’ on your preferred service and I’ll show up!

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Well hellooooooooooooo world!

Apologies for the 2 week intermission, I’ve been a touch busy on tour with Lux Lisbon.

Now for those keen eyed and eared of you, you’ll have noticed that I said I was going to carry on with A Song A Week whilst I was on tour and maybe utilise the guys in the band and continue down the folk route I said I was going to do… well, that just didn’t happen.

My role in the band isn’t just playing guitar, I’m kind of the unofficial tech guy for just about everything, driver and bringer of joy and hilarity to the band (in fairness, that role is split exactly 25% with all the others, but it’s still tough work.)

Long story short, spare time was limited and I soon realised I couldn’t give it the 100% that I always do, so I decided to give A Song A Week a couple of weeks off.

Tom B. Cooper - Scala, Lux Lisbon, 27 April 2017
View from the stage at our sell out show @ Scala. A 100% DIY band has only ever sold it out twice… it was us both times 🙂


Anyway, after I caught up with mixes and masters for the other artists I work with, I was raring to go with A Song A Week.

Truth is, I struggled a bit.

You’ll hear in Mirror Ball it doesn’t really have a chorus… and I bloody love a chorus.

I think the struggle was a mixture of getting back in the groove of things, having had near to 3 weeks of only thinking of 1 thing (the Lux Lisbon tour), a huge lack of sleep over that 3 weeks, catching up on work for clients and getting back to home life too.

It happens every time I go on tour and this time was certainly no different.

I still gave it my all with Mirror Ball, but I found I was slightly more distracted than I have been doing A Song A Week in the past and maybe I’m imagining it, but I feel like some songwriting decisions suffered because of that.

Regardless, I’m still happy with Mirror Ball, but I’m not going to pretend it was easy or that it’s my favourite release so far.

Fingers crossed this isn’t coming across negatively, I’m just being totally honest.

The old me (pre-A Song A Week) would’ve been so annoyed that I’d missed 2 weeks that I’d have probably not even bothered carrying on with it when I got back, but that’s no good.

Instead, I went ‘oh well, onwards and upwards’ and wrote what I think is a decent enough song in Mirror Ball.

Now for everything I’ve just said about creating Mirror Ball, mixing it was an absolute blast. I really enjoyed it.

I love mixing all genres and styles of music but I grew up on rock music and I love working with it, so work with it I did.

Tom B. Cooper In The Studio
Mixing raaaaaaaawk!


I don’t often go into mixing on these blog posts, because I can’t imagine it being too entertaining for you and I don’t intend on changing my stance on the matter, but one thing I will say is that there are mistakes a plenty in Mirror Ball.

Nothing glaring, nothing truly awful, but there’s a human element to it, which rock music definitely has and is such an appeal, in my opinion.

Now I’m not going to compare myself to Stevie Wonder, but do yourself a favour (for so many reasons) and listen, reeeeeeeeeally listen to something like Supertstition.

Firstly you’ll notice what an amazing piece of songwriting it is, next the phenomenal musicianship, but when you hone in on the tiny individual elements, you’ll notice some mistakes in there.

A whole bunch of songs from that era that you know and love (and maybe you’re even so used to the mistakes and nuances that you don’t even hear them) are absolutely littered with these things.

The squeak of a chair from the recording room, a sharp bend on the lead guitar, a mumbled word from the vocalist.

All you have to do is listen to the latest pop charts to realise that as mix engineers and producers we could make songs as close to perfect as possible, but unless I absolutely have to, I very much choose not to.

Sometimes you want/need/have to make things sound more ‘perfect’ but if I can help it, a recording that’s captured the right vibe (£1 in the vibe jar) and happens to have something slightly ‘wrong’ is staying in!

Then it’s ‘right’, right?!


Thank you so much for reading. I hugely appreciate it. The absolute best way you can support me and this blog is by listening to and sharing ‘Mirror Ball’. So you can…

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It’s also available on all major streaming and music stores across the internet, just search for ‘Tom B. Cooper’ and this song and all the rest will show up!

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Peace and happy music making.

Tom x

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