A Song A Week – Week 23 – Hot Sun

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A Song A Week is written by me, a songwriter and musician, but it appeals to people from all walks of life and professions, so no matter how you’ve found yourself here, try to take something from it and implement it in your own life.

Welcome to Week 23 of the A Song A Week blog. I’m going to dive straight in with some thoughts and musings on my latest song ‘Hot Sun’…

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Write About What You Know

Hello peeplings!

As I’m writing this on a muggy, wet morning in the height of what’s supposed to be British summer, how I long for the day I wrote Hot Sun.

Quite often when I’m writing lyrics, I’m searching for something to write about.

I try to make my verses too clever and my chorus’s too simple and sometimes they end up a bit confused and then I get in a huff because I can write the music with ease and make that clever and simple and catchy and funky and fresh and whatever other words you want to use, but with lyrics, I struggle.

This isn’t a new revelation.

Even before I started writing as much as a brand new song every week and my songwriting (for myself) was for more sporadic, I still found myself wanting regarding my own lyrics.

I’m really quite envious of great lyricists, but there’s no point in wallowing in the shadow of their talents.

Now funnily enough, this wasn’t a particularly tricky one to write.

It was a REALLY hot day and the first words I came up with was ‘hot sun, somethings begun.’

Now, it was only after I’d released the song that I was playing guitar at a wedding and the Grease Mega Mix came on from the DJ (yep, it was one of those sorts of weddings!) and I realised that the opening line of Hot Sun is nearly straight from Summer Lovin’. Change ‘Summer’ to ‘Hot’ and you’ve got yourself your own original song.

‘Summer sun, something’s begun…’


Do I care? No way.

Anyway, back to the lyric writing.

So the first line ‘Hot sun, something’s begun’ was already there and from that point it was relatively easy to finish the song.

The song is about the carefree start of a relationship and I don’t really feel there’s much room for interpretation with this one!

The sun part is kind of irrelevant as far as the message goes, but for the imagery it’s perfect.

I think I succeeded in creating a lazy sort of summer vibe (£1 in the vibe jar!) both musically and lyrically and I think for a song like this it’s more important than other genres to keep things coherent.

These lyrics over a metal song wouldn’t work and this music under lyrics about political reform equally wouldn’t work.

That’s not to say that it never works, sometimes it’s done to great effect. A song that appears upbeat on first listen might have some really dark lyrics and vice versa. I love that and it can be used to great effect.

However, I was using Jack Johnson as a reference point on Hot Sun and I can’t quite imagine him singing lyrics about death over ‘Better Together’, can you?!

I think in the case of this song, as soon as I wrote the main guitar riff, it was destined to become this sort of song and rather than try to be too clever, the sun felt particularly hot, so I said the words ‘hot sun’ then (unknowingly) lazily finished the line off with ‘somethings begun’ and went from there.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to write about what’s right in front of you.


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