Mixing, Mastering & Production

Have a listen whilst you’re reading this page so that you can hear the professional quality, attention and care that your mix, master and production that YOU and YOUR song will achieve.

I’ve been fortunate enough to use my production skills with some incredibly inspiring and creative artists over the years. The first playlist below is a really small example of just that. The second is an ongoing portfolio of my own music which I’ve solely written, performed, produced, mixed, mastered and released to give you an example of just some of my styles, sounds and the high standards I always set myself.



I’ve recorded countless sessions not only as a producer and engineer but also as an artist and musician which only helps get the best out of YOUR song. I have a genuine understanding of why songs work and I will always endeavour to get the best out of each track. A thirst for new music, production trends and techniques, with an empathetic relationship with song-craft makes for exciting and stylish results.

Producing and mixing from comprehensive and state of the art studios, I’m eager for new artists to work with and I’m of course always after new projects and genres to work on and will soon get you buzzing for whatever ideas you might have in the locker.

Mixing and Mastering

Broadcast Standard Mix & Master from £150 (discount for multiple songs)
Broadcast Standard Mastering from £20 (discount for multiple songs)

From my own comprehensive studio and with a fluency of major industry standard digital audio workstations, I’ll be working on YOUR tracks and translating them to the mixing style and genre you have in mind to compete with other commercially successful songs.

Using classic analogue outboard equipment and the leading industry digital plug-ins, mixes and masters will be worked on with great attention to detail to ensure your songs are mixed with taste and style to the highest standard

Mixing and mastering work is carried out with great sensitivity to your song, ensuring the best sound on all systems.

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Full Production

Production/Mix Engineering from £150

Working from wherever you want, be it professional studios, or using my fully mobile studio and world class recording equipment, I’ll be seeing the recording process through from start to finish.

Getting as involved as possible to eat, live and breathe your project, whilst giving the invaluable outside influence on the songs themselves.

I’ll be managing you through the recording process to ensure a comfortable, natural and most importantly, nothing short of excellent performance.

Exceeding your expectations and the songs potential mean a certain amount of my involvement with songwriting and arrangement, calling upon creative instincts and vast experience as a musician and producer.

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