Be it for film, TV, songwriting for an artist or advert jingles; original compositions will be written and recorded to the highest quality.

In my role as producer, I naturally end up writing for artists, but a huge and always immovable passion lies in creating music for television, film or for my own projects.

I have a genuine understanding of why songs work and I will always endeavour to get the best out of each track. A thirst for new music, production trends and techniques, with an empathetic relationship with song-craft makes for exciting and stylish results no matter what the genre or brief.

Writing, producing and mixing from comprehensive and state of the art studios, I’m eager for new projects to work on no matter how modest or grand.

Below is my brand new artist portfolio as Tom B. Cooper where throughout 2017 I’ll be writing, recording, mixing and self-releasing a song every single week.

TV & Film Composition

Please get in touch (at the bottom of the page) to discuss your script, vision and budget.

From my own comprehensive writing studio, I’ll be creating tracks and translating them to the style and genre you have in mind to compete with other commercially successful songs.

Using suitable instruments, classic analogue outboard equipment and the leading industry digital plug-ins, mixes will be worked on with great attention to detail to ensure your songs are mixed with taste and style to the highest standard

Mixing and mastering work is carried out with great sensitivity to your song, ensuring the best sound on all systems.


Below are a couple of examples of two entirely different songs of mine that have been used on a Channel 4 documentary. In one case the song was already written and in the other it was written specifically for a brief.

Please note, I neither condone nor condemn the subject matter.

Songwriting for an artist or label

From £240 including a broadcast standard mix/master.

Working from a world class recording studio, I’ll be seeing the writing, recording, production, arrangement and mixing process through from start to finish.

Any original project or brief will be approached with great care and musicality and always delievered on time and within budget.

Writing for an artist is always welcomed, no matter what genre and how grand or modest your ideas may be.


There may already be original compositions or songs suitable for your project, so feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas.


To get the conversation started and find out more regarding songwriting and composition, pop your email address in below. This way we can get the conversation started regarding you and your project as soon as we possibly can.