Tom B. Cooper Production

Whilst you’re having a read, why not check out my portfolio below, which features a handful of songs from various styles and genres that I’ve had the pleasure of producing, mixing and mastering.


I’ve got a little FAQ section below this page for those of you ready (or nearly ready (or just strangely curious!)) about production, but I just want to spend a couple of paragraphs just talking about my experience as a producer.

My job in producing YOU and YOUR tracks is to use my skills and experience as a music producer and instrumentalist (and all around huge music fan) to ensure that your song translates EXACTLY as you want it and go above and beyond to make the BEST version of your song possible.

I’ve had productions from artists like YOU all over the radio, TV, film and more all over the world.

I love production. I really do. Being the guy to grow YOUR song from first idea to fully produced is a hell of privilege and something I take great pride in.

Anyway, have a read below and let me know when you’re ready for your song to sound even better.


What do I need for you to produce one of my songs?

I’m often asked this. Let me just outline what my experience of being a producer can mean…

  • An engineer – making your song sound as amazing as it possibly can in the studio
  • A mentor – getting the best out of YOU in order to create the best song
  • A stylist – getting the specific Tom B. Cooper sound (answers on a postcard please!)
  • A remixer – taking what you’ve already got and turning it into something new, fresh and exciting (please note – this doesn’t specifically mean the DJ term. I’ve worked on plenty of folky songs and made them even folkier, funky songs and made them rockier, pop songs and made them less… crap! You name it, I’ve done it)
  • A musician – perhaps the least recognised but most fundamental skill I require as a producer is musicality. I’ll contribute, comment and advise on songwriting, arrangement and performance – and I’m a multi-instrumentalist myself. Some involvement is heavy (literally playing/singing everything) sometimes, it’s very much hands off
  • An artist – You don’t need to worry about that. When your friends ask, just say I’m the new Prince…
  • A bonkers visionary – …

Of course, sometimes your song will require a lot of the above and other times I’ll just need to take a back seat. Either way is right for whatever we’re trying to achieve.

But, to answer the original question, what you need for me to produce one of your songs… is a song.

If you’re coming to me with half an idea of a verse with a bit of an idea of how the melody goes, I’m going to tell you to come back when you’ve finished the song.

I’d rather you come at me with one line saying ‘I only want this one line in the whole 3 minute song’ than a bit of an idea of something that’s not really anything. Because then my job isn’t being a producer, it’s being a songwriter.


All this talk about production and all I want you to do is record my song! Can you just do that?

Of course! (See bullet point 1!)


How long does the process take?

Well, I like to work on a song a day basis. I’m talking strictly for production here, so getting all the elements of your song recorded and edited, ready for the next stage which is mixing and mastering.

Of course, you might only want a particularly simple set-up and you may have all the parts down in which case we can talk about doing more in one day, but as a general (for the songs in the playlist at the top of this page) we’re talking a song in an 8 hour day.


Where do you do your production from?

I have my own studio in Cirencester that I prefer to work from, but that’s not to say it’s the only place. I’ve worked in all manner of places, all over the world, so I’m completely open to your suggestions.


Will you mix and master my song too?

Gladly. It’ll cost you a bit extra, but it’ll be worth it, promise.


Do I have to be there when you produce my song?

It’s easier and I way prefer it, but not essential.


And how much is it?

My day rate is £150 (including the use of the studio… it’s mine after all!)

Mixing and mastering on any song I’ve already produced is £150 per song (discount for multiple songs done at any one time)

If you’re booking me to come to a studio of choice, travel and accommodation may be required (may not though, so don’t let that put you off)

So there are a few variable obviously – but the minimum it’s going to be is £150 and the rest of my involvement in the song or the logistics is up to you.


All that sounds great. How do I get you to produce my song?

Grab me on a social media (links at the bottom of the page) or email me (contact form at the bottom of the page) and we can talk about you and your song/s. Easy peazy!


I haven’t understood a word you said…

Well, the good news is, I have! So just grab me on a social media or email and I’ll be able to answer any of your questions.